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Change was coming

After the joyous elations and celebrations of finally being a Masters student at drama school, I embarked on a journey of the unknown. I didn't know what to expect but I had a sense of open-mindedness, nothing could be worse than the 3 years I endured at university. I was ready with open arms embracing what was to come.

This one year course completely exceeded my expectations, I was a different person at the end to when I had started. My outlook of life had changed for the better and I was inspired. It was a community of experts and motivated learners all reaching for the same goal. I had never had this feeling before. People were genuinely being nice to me, being supportive and giving me help. It was very strange to begin with but I relished in this aura of positivity that was around me.

So what did this degree teach me? A whole host of beneficial goodness for my body and for my mental health. I had the opportunity to meet vocal experts working with Babara Houseman, the renowned Cecily Berry and various vocal practitioners. My daily lessons included acting, singing, teaching others, learning various accents and learning the importance of the voice. I tackled my fear of public speaking and boosted my low self-esteem.

But most importantly, it taught me to BREATHE and to SPEAK. It is the fundamental basics for everything I know today. It's sounds pretty simple but I learnt the art of speaking, how breathing and speaking is interrelated and how speaking works anatomically. The more I dived into it, the more I unravelled the complexities within myself. My body is one being, the mind and the body works in sync and not two separate entities. This is when I started stripping back the layers and found my true self.

It has got me to where I need to be today. Through this course I understood myself. It opened my eyes to something that I felt was missing this whole time. I was connected and living in the world around me, rather than being a ghost floating endlessly from day to day. I was opening up my body, revisiting my 5 senses, appreciating the world. I was like a child curious about everything, everything that I did felt great. Everything I saw was colourful, everything I tasted had more flavour, everything I listened to had a more vibrant sound. I was able to vocalise my thoughts with ease without feeling like I was being judged or compared to others. I had self-confidence and was able to convey that confidence into what I was saying.

Finally, I was believing in myself and my abilities. By the end of the full year, I had found my confidence again and that's when I set up my voice coaching business. If you want me to share more of this knowledge I have with you, click here to book a discovery call and get the confidence you diserve. Check out the Professional Speak Confidence course here!

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