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Speaking Voices, Speech Voice Coach

Want to sound confident when speaking in front of others? Here at Speaking Voices, I help you to speak effortlessly and maximise your vocal potential. 

What is voice coaching ?

Voice coaching is a term used to encompass public speaking coaches, confidence coaches, life coaches, accent coaches, dialent coaches, voice therapists amongst many other forms of improving your voice together. 


When individuals need help to improve the way they use their voice, voice coaching is provided by voice coaches or vocal coaches in order to enhance their tone, pitch, pace and balance their volume when they are speaking to others.   

Why people need a voice coach?

Love your voice, sound memorable

Love Your


Sound memorable

Clear communication, build up trust



Build up trust

Get an audience to listen, change and inspire people



Create change and inspire

Speaking Voices, Speech Voice Coach


Not sure which service you would like or want to find out more about how we can help you? Use the 15 minutes to see to ask us questions.


Book your package online with our seamless process. Once booked, you will be able to choose a date for our first session. 


Add the date into your calendar. We will send you reminders too. Download all your materials and you're good to go.

Our Approach

via expert guidance
via 1 to 1
via tailored sessions



your goal
your mindset
your voice


with one voice
with confidence
with everybody

Transform your VOICE today!

Trusted by people and businesses worldwide

Speak In Public

Speak In Public

A public speaking course. Learn how to speak in front of a crowd. Get your audience to listen to what you are saying. 

Boost Confidence

Speak Confidence

A confidence boosting, life and wellbeing course. Being confident makes all the difference to each decision you make. 

Speak English

Speak British English

An accent reduction course. Communicate clearly with a neutral British accent and use sophisticated English language.

Speaking Voices, Improve my speaking skills
“Lovely lessons from Emily. Definitely recommend her voice coaching lessons! ”

- Nick Brewer

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