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What Is Public Speaking ?

Public speaking is a vital skill needed in society. It is used when individuals share their knowledge in order to educate, entertain or persuade others. Using their words, they communicate and speak to group of people. This can be a live speech or a pre-recorded webinar.

Public Speaking Business Meeting

Looking For A Public Speaking Coach In Canary Wharf, London?

Master public speaking with one of our expert public speaking coach through our comprehensive public speaking one to one package. In today's competitive landscape, effective communication is paramount. Our tailored program empowers you to enjoy speaking in public, by getting rid of their fear of public speaking to crafting compelling narratives and engaging with confidence. Discover how our training can enhance your presentation skills, boost confidence, connect better with people, and ultimately drive success.

Do You Have Public Speaking Anxiety?

Are you afraid of speaking out loud or do not contribute as much as you want to? Fear of talking in public can be a daunting challenge, and many individuals struggle with managing stage fright. However, with the right public speaking training, they can uncover the secrets of public speaking and develop the public speech skills necessary to get over their anxiety of public speaking known as glossophobia. Our expert coaches are dedicated to helping them conquer their fear of public speaking and improve your speaking and presentation skills. We'll provide you with the techniques and strategies to boost your confidence and ensure you can confidently step onto any stage, making your message heard and embraced by your audience.

Public Speaking Confident Speaker
Public Speaker in London

Want To Gain Success Through Public Speaking Training?

Elevate your communication with our bespoke public speaking program, tailored you. Our experienced speech coach has designed public speaking lessons for adults to help you improve your speech and speak with authenticity. Whether you're preparing for a pitch, a keynote speech, or want to boost your speaking and presentation skills, our program is designed to meet you unique needs. It's also a great choice to strengthen team meetings, group projects, and master the art of elocution. Grab your audience's attention and join the many who have been confident enough to host solo public presentations or even present a speech at TEDx Talks.

We Have Public Speaking Packages That Suit You!

Our comprehensive public speaking packages are a game-changer for individuals. We offer one-to-one sessions right at your office, and if you don't want to train alone, we provide group workshops. Since most companies adopt hybrid working, our flexibility means we can work with you and your colleagues through Zoom anywhere in the world. With our tailored method, both beginners and advanced public speakers can express themselves with confidence. Our focus is on helping you find your own voice and we understand that there's no 'one size fits all' approach to training, which is why we help you craft a clear and compelling message that inspires, influences, and persuades with impact, resulting in a surge of self-esteem and creativity.

Public Speaking Class In London
Public Speaking Business Training Corporate Course

Choose Your Public Speaking Training Package!


  • Understand how your voice works, both how your voice sounds and also knowing about your own vocal anatomy

  • Use body language to communicate effectively

  • Maintain eye contact with the audience

  • Develop a lifetime skill that you use everyday but no-one has taught you how to at school


  • Avoid repeating yourself, reduce miscommunication and increase productivity within your workplace

  • Make your voice heard by stimulating new ideas, offer your opinions and giving solutions

  • Establish transparency, build an open rapport and gain trust with whomever you talk to

  • Use nervous energy to your advantage

  • Adjust your volume accordingly


  • Discover your tone of voice used to speak with others

  • Focus your attention on your audience. Improve audience engagement and retention rates

  • Purposefully say what you want to say, tell your story and gain feedback from your audience

  • Speak expressively, both vocally and non-verbally

  • Utilise belly breathing to transition each section smoothly


Never felt more confident speaking in an auditorium with over 200 people


—  Kate, Brand Manager



(1 x 60 minutes) 

Online Only

Brush up existing skills

Know what you want to focus on

Try and see if you like it


(5x 60 minutes)

Online & In Person

Speaker's Preparation

Speaker's Audience

Speaker's Speech

Presentation slides

Mini Workbook 

Unlimited Offline Email Support between sessions 


(10 x 60 minutes)

Speaker's Preparation 

Speaker's Audience

Speaker's Mindset

Speaker's Speech

Presentation slides

Full Workbook 

Homework provided (optional)

Unlimited Offline Whatsapp Support between sessions 

Online & In Person




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