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Speak British English

Speak British English

Great for :

> 1 To 1 Training

> Neutral British Accent (Received Pronunciation)

> Improving Fluency

What Is Accent Reduction ?

Accent reduction, also referred to as accent softening or accent neutralisation, is a process designed to assist individuals in altering or lessening their own distinctive accents. It encompasses refining pronunciation, intonation, and speech patterns, achieving clearer communication. Accent reduction is often pursued by individuals who speak English as a second language or those seeking to enhance their professional communication skills. The aim is not to eradicate one's cultural or regional identity, but to enhance clarity, for a variety of personal and professional contexts.

British English Accent Coach Canary Wharf London

Looking For A British English Teacher In Canary Wharf, London?

A qualified British English tutor can provide you with tailored guidance and structured lessons to help you achieve a more authentic neutral British accent. Whether you're a non-native English speaker striving for clearer articulation or someone looking to fine-tune their speech for professional purposes, a dedicated instructor can be a valuable resource. By working with a skilled teacher, you'll gain the expertise and confidence needed to communicate effectively and seamlessly in British English, opening doors to enhanced personal and professional opportunities.

Do You Have An International Presence?

Growing up in different countries often results in individuals having an amalgamation of various accents. Accents are a product of cultural and linguistic influences, and as people move, travel, or interact with diverse communities, their speech patterns evolve. This amalgamation reflects the rich tapestry of human experience, with each accent telling a unique story of a person's journey through life. While diverse accents are a testament to our interconnected world, they may create misunderstandings or impede smooth dialogue. A strong accent can make it challenging for others to comprehend the speaker, as unfamiliar pronunciations and intonations may obscure the intended message. To foster better understanding and inclusivity, individuals may need to make conscious efforts to adapt their communication style and consider the needs of their audience.

Accent Reduction Coach Canary Wharf London
British Received Pronunciation Coach Canary Wharf London

Want To Refine Your British Accent?

Transitioning to a neutral British accent can have a profound impact on employees in various ways. It enhances their professional image and credibility. A neutral accent is often associated with clarity and competence, which can lead to greater trust from colleagues, clients, and superiors. It can also improve their self-confidence, as they'll feel more assured in their ability to communicate effectively, facilitating communication with a wide range of audiences. This adaptability can lead to opportunities for overseas assignments, promotions, and cross-functional collaboration. It reduces the potential for miscommunication, fosters better teamwork, and promotes a greater sense of unity among employees with diverse backgrounds. Inclusivity. 

We Have British English Classes That Suit You!

We offer one-to-one British English Accent Reduction classes right on your doorstep whether at your office or online. Work with us, in your own time, to perfect a neutral British accent, whereby anyone in the world will be able to understand what you're saying. With our tailored method, non English speakers can elevate their communication skills. Our focus is on making you a confident speaker and we understand that there's no 'one size fits all' approach to training, which is why we help you empower yourself to express you more effectively, breaking down communication barriers and enhancing your life in diverse and meaningful ways.

British English Teacher and Classes Canary Wharf London
British English Accent Training Canary Wharf London

Choose Your Accent Reduction Training Package!


  • Understand how your accent is different to the British Received Pronunciation

  • Identifying which sounds you don't have in your native language

  • Practising the new sounds and evaluating feedback every week

  • Improving your listening skills to achieve your goals

  • Enhance your clarity and ease of communication


  • Avoid repeating yourself multiple times, when you reply to someone

  • Escape the endless confusion leading to miscommunication 

  • Remove frustration due to the accent barrier

  • Get rid of timewasting by crystal clear communication first time round

  • Making sure messages are conveyed to all parties accurately


  • Speak confidently - say what you want to say

  • Master your clarity of speech

  • Express ideas through your expanded vocabulary

  • Demonstrate expertise in your field without hesitation

  • Maintain honesty and transparency in your communication


Never felt more confident speaking in an auditorium with over 200 people


—  Kate, Brand Manager



(1 x 60 minutes) 

Online Only

Get an accent asessment

Know what you want to focus on

Try and see if you like it


(12 x 60 minutes)

Online & In Person

Speaker's Assessment

Speaker's How Your Voice Works

Speaker's 20 British Vowels

Speaker's British Key Consonants

Presentation slides

Mini Workbook 

Unlimited Offline Email Support between sessions 


(24 x 60 minutes)

Online & In Person

Speaker's Assessment 

Speaker's How Your Voice Works

Speaker's 20 British Vowels

Speaker's British 25 Consonants

Speaker's Native Sound

Presentation slides

Full Workbook 

Homework provided (optional)

Unlimited Offline Whatsapp Support between sessions 




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