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My name's Emily Lee, CEO founder of Speaking Voices. I am a Voice Coach specialising in speech and verbal communication. I pride myself in helping people use their own wonderful voices to convey their points of view effortlessly.  ​​

I founded Speaking Voices as I personally had a lack of confidence, social anxiety and had depression to the point where I couldn't talk to anyone. It took many years for me to bounce back. Now I want to share what I've learnt with all of you. To read more about my own personal journey read my blog here.

I look forward to working with you!

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My Qualifications

My Qualifications

MA Professional Voice Practice

PGCE Primary

BA Acting

TEFL Qualification Level 5

Did you know?

You use 72 muscles to speak!


Speak at Interviews

Speak At Interviews

Showcase your talents and learn what the employers want to hear. It's time to get that job.

Boost Confidence

Speak Confidence

Being confident makes all the difference to each decision you make. 

Public Speaking

Speak In Public

Learn how to speak in front of a crowd. Get your audience to listen to what you are saying.